Cloud & Messaging Day Executive Director Steven Jones will be speaking about email authentication at TwoFive, Inc’s Cloud and Messaging Day event in Tokyo on Monday, November 28th. Also appearing will be Heikki Gruner of Cloudmark, and anti-spam campaigner Neil Schwartzman. A panel discussion later in the program will also feature noted email experts Shuji Sakuraba and Ayachika Kitazaki. A flyer describing the event in Japanese can be found here.

Jones will address several areas during his presentation: DMARC adoption worldwide over the past four years, and by leading countries in Europe and Asia; a review of the challenges and solutions encountered by an innovative leader in the transportation sector when deploying DMARC; and a summary of technical challenges and coming developments in the area of email authentication.

This is the third annual event organized by TwoFive, and the second at which Jones has appeared. is grateful to our Sponsor Farsight Security for supplying data to develop DMARC adoption metrics, and to our Supporter ValiMail for their support and assistance with the case study.