There are many DMARC resources available online. We’ve broken them out into several categories:

Articles, Tutorials and Videos
Online materials explaining DMARC and related or underlying email authentication technologies.
Code and Libraries
Modules and packages that you can deploy or build into programs that implement DMARC.
Deployment Tools
Tools and services you can use when deploying DMARC. Everything from DMARC DNS record builders, to message validators / reflectors that help you determine if DKIM/DMARC/SPF is working as expected.
Products and Services
Products and services that can assist you in deploying DMARC and related technologies. Everything from hosted email services, to email security firms, to mailing list management software.
The specification for DMARC and other related protocols.

Who’s Using DMARC?

Mailmerk’s documents the use of email authentication in a number of categories across many countries and internationally. For example:

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