Today the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) officially announced a suite of free tools or implementation guides to help organizations deploy DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. This is the first in a series of GCA initiatives to combat phishing and other systemic cyber risks.

“Adoption of DMARC is one of the ways organizations can protect themselves and their clients by filtering out a lot of the bothersome and dangerous emails,” said Philip Reitinger, President and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance. DMARC allows domain owners, senders, and receivers to cooperate in the detection and blocking of unauthorized messages using a specific Internet domain, something often done by phishers seeking to trick their potential victims. “The DMARC tool we’ve created walks people through each step of the implementation process to ensure proper set-up of the protocol. It’s a simple tool that provides tremendous protection.”

In a GCA survey of the top 100 global companies (ranked by current market capitalization) it was determined that 87% either do not have a DMARC policy in place (62%) or if they do have a policy in place, it is set to “none” (25%) which will not prevent spoofed or fraudulent email from delivery to the user’s Inbox.

“Phishing poses a greater threat to organizations and individuals every day. Corporations and governments are recognizing that when correctly deployed, DMARC is a highly effective, relatively low-cost means of protection,” said Steve Jones, Executive Director of “The more domain owners who implement DMARC policies, the more the entire ecosystem benefits. More consumers and employees are protected, overall risk is reduced, and confidence in email is rebuilt. And the new tools from GCA are a great way to help start that process.”