Participate and Help Improve DMARC

There are a number of ways to get involved with DMARC.

General discussions, Questions, and Comments

Join the email discussion list to ask questions about deploying DMARC or share your operational experience:


Technical Contributions to the Specification

The base DMARC specification was submitted to the IETF on March 31, 2013. The IETF officially formed a DMARC Working Group on August 11, 2014. All future technical contributions should be directed to the IETF DMARC Working Group’s discussion list:


Contact Us is dedicated to promoting the use of email authentication on the Internet. If you have an idea you think would help us fulfill that mission, please use the contact form below.

As a very small, non-profit organization we regret we cannot offer one-to-one support for those implementing email authentication and/or the DMARC protocol. We do recommend the DMARC discussion list in those cases.

End users with problems or questions related to DMARC or email authentication are advised to contact the support desk of their ISP or mailbox provider; corporate or academic users should contact their IT department.

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