DMARC policies increase 28% Through June 2021

The number of valid DMARC policies observed in the DNS increased by 28% over the first half of 2021, to a total of 3.46 million, based on analysis of data supplied by Farsight Security. This was double the growth rate during the same period in 2020, when roughly 330,000 new records reflected a 17% increase […] Presenting In Tokyo Nov 28th Executive Director Steven Jones will be speaking about email authentication at TwoFive, Inc’s Cloud and Messaging Day event in Tokyo on Monday, November 28th. Also appearing will be Heikki Gruner of Cloudmark, and anti-spam campaigner Neil Schwartzman. A panel discussion later in the program will also feature noted email experts Shuji Sakuraba and Ayachika […]

Top Alexa Websites and Email Authentication, Part 1

The more popular a website is, the more likely the average consumer is to trust a fraudulent message that impersonates that website’s Internet domain. One might expect that the websites at the top of the list employ email authentication to protect against that possibility, but what about sites further down the list? This piece will […]

DMARC is a Proven Tool in the Fight Against Fraudulent Email

San Francisco, California – February 18, 2015 – Since it was introduced to the public in 2012, the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance (DMARC) specification has proven its value in combating fraudulent email. Email is an essential channel of communication but to be effective, the recipient must trust that it comes from the identified […]

Kaspersky: Phishing attacks on PayPal down due to DMARC

On February 12th Kaspersky Labs published a report titled “Financial cyberthreats in 2014.” This report takes a broad view of malware and email-based attacks on financial institutions and/or their customers. It notes some broad trends, like an almost 6% decrease in phishing attacks against banks, and that the number of malware attacks involving Bitcoin mining […]

Prominent Brands Cut Email Abuse by More than 50% with DMARC

New Data Reveals the Significant Value in the Protection Provided by DMARC San Jose, California – February 18, 2014 –, an industry collaborative working to increase consumer trust in email, published new data demonstrating how DMARC adoption reduces the risks associated with fraudulent email. Senders, such as Facebook, PayPal, and Twitter, as well as […]

In First Year, DMARC Protects 60 Percent of Global Consumer Mailboxes

San Jose, California – February 6, 2013 –, an industry collaborative working to increase email trust, announced today that the DMARC standard now protects almost two-thirds of the world’s 3.3 billion consumer mailboxes worldwide. First announced January 2012, DMARC marshals the forces of leading brands and email suppliers to combat rampant email deception and […]