Microsoft Allows 365 Admins To Accept ARC Forwarders

Back in October 2019, Microsoft included ARC support in their Microsoft 365 Roadmap, stating that “[ARC] is now enabled for Office 365 hosted mailboxes.” But at that time it could only be used between Office 365 tenants, or from Microsoft’s in-house services. However in June of 2022 they made it possible for each tenant to […] Presentation from Fourth JPAAWG Meeting

The fourth JPAAWG General Meeting was held on November 11-12th of 2021, using a virtual format. once again provided a pre-recorded presentation, this time in three parts. The three sections are: an overview of BIMI, a survey of recent IETF activity related to email, and various statistics about email authentication. This statistics section includes […]

DMARC Announced Ten Years Ago

On January 30th of 2012, fifteen organizations announced the working group they had formed, and the first version of the protocol they had produced. This was the public kickoff of both and the DMARC protocol. It would grow from just 450 published sending domain policies and 2 billion protected mailboxes after one year, to […]

Thousands of BIMI Records Published During 2021

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) enables email senders to have a logo or image of their choosing displayed next to email messages they send to participating mailbox providers. BIMI builds on DMARC and related email authentication standards to ensure that only messages authorized by those senders display such images, so it frequently comes up […]

DMARC policies increase 28% Through June 2021

The number of valid DMARC policies observed in the DNS increased by 28% over the first half of 2021, to a total of 3.46 million, based on analysis of data supplied by Farsight Security. This was double the growth rate during the same period in 2020, when roughly 330,000 new records reflected a 17% increase […]

Presentation from Third JPAAWG Meeting Available

The Japan Anti-Abuse Working Group (JPAAWG) held its third annual meeting virtually from Tokyo, Japan on November 11th and 12th, 2020. director Steve Jones was invited to provide a brief video update on DMARC adoption, and the slides from that presentation are now available for download. The update covers a a few highlights from […]