Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) enables email senders to have a logo or image of their choosing displayed next to email messages they send to participating mailbox providers. BIMI builds on DMARC and related email authentication standards to ensure that only messages authorized by those senders display such images, so it frequently comes up as a topic when DMARC is discussed.

Starting in mid-2021, DomainTools started supplying with data on DNS lookups of BIMI records. A total of 14,882 unique and valid BIMI records were observed through the middle of 2022. Of that total, only 331 records included a link to a VMC. ( did not retrieve and examine these certificates.) The following shows the growth of BIMI records in our dataset, which are still active in DNS, since March 2021, alongside the percentage of new records added each month.

Growth in BIMI records since March 2021

The following graph shows the number of new BIMI records observed each month since March 2021.

New BIMI records by month since March 2021

We hope to take a closer look at how BIMI is adopted over the coming year.