Australian Government Agency Recommends DMARC, DKIM, and SPF

In July the Australian Signals Directorate, part of the Department of Defence, and the Australian Cyber Security Centre issued a report for IT professionals titled, Malicious Email Mitigation Strategies. The report recommends the most effective methods of protecting organizations from email-borne attacks, and includes deploying DKIM, DMARC, and SPF. Furthermore it recommends using DMARC with […]

Phishing Education on the Today Show

NBC morning television show The Today Show featured some basic, consumer-friendly tips on identifying and avoiding phishing scams on their November 16th show. Developed in partnership with security firm ESET, they also added an interactive quiz on their website. You can find both items by following this URL: Hopefully this is something even security […]

Bad Actors: Please Adopt Email Authentication

A recent Trend Micro blog post suggests that the bad actors behind a current ransomware campaign are using email authentication and DMARC to make their messages more effective. One online article citing the post even includes a headline that incorrectly suggests that DMARC somehow enables the malware to bypass filters – which it assuredly does […]