Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaJune 15, 2016 – The need to overcome brand hijacking, phishing and fraud compelled many leading companies to participate in creating the DMARC standards. Since that time, many forward-looking companies have asked how they can become involved in promoting DMARC adoption so we can all enjoy protection worldwide. Responding to demand in the spirit of the universal, market-driven force that is effectively fighting brand hijacking, phishing, and fraud, is expanding in 2016 with a new Supporter Program. The Supporter Program enables companies and organizations, who agree with the mission and can offer unique capabilities in supporting the goals, to contribute to financially and/or technically, according to their ability to participate.

“Members of our new Supporter program bring fresh perspectives and abundant energy to our technical projects,” said Steven M. Jones, executive director, “Their participation reflects the effectiveness of what we’ve done so far, and the opportunity we have to improve things further for email users everwhere by effectively addressing email fraud and abuse.” sponsors and supporters set the direction for the year as continues in its mission to promote and facilitate global DMARC adoption to prevent brand hijacking and fraud in the inbox for users everywhere. The newly launched Supporter Program seeks organizations to make contributions and participate in technical projects, outreach, trainings, speaking events, media interviews and more. welcomes organizations that are interested in the new DMARC Supporters Program to learn more and apply to participate as a DMARC Supporter with their unique contributions.

Among the first to join the Supporters Program of 2016 are SparkPost and ValiMail.

SparkPost, known for email infrastructure that provides unsurpassed performance, flexible extensibility and real-time insight into messaging operations, was selected as a 2016 DMARC Supporter for the insights and technical expertise they can offer and the influence they have on the marketplace. Its cloud-based transactional email solution, SparkPost, is designed specifically for developers to build in the same outstanding deliverability, scalability and speed as the world’s biggest senders of email.

Like SparkPost, ValiMail impacts the marketplace and facilitates DMARC adoption. Launched and funded in 2015, ValiMail takes an innovative approach to managing the DNS records and keys that are components of email authentication. ValiMail was selected as a DMARC Supporter, because their services make it easier for companies of all sizes to leverage DMARC to protect their brands and customers.

“We’ve reached a point in the evolution of email and other messaging channels where the risks of not doing it ‘right’ are as great as the benefits realized when you do it right. and DMARC, the technology, represent a place where like-minded individuals can share ideas to make the Internet safer for everyone, and an immediate means of protecting their brands, customers, businesses and everyone in-between,” said Len Shneyder, SparkPost VP of Industry Relations.

“We applaud the efforts of the founding and Sponsor members for getting the DMARC standard to the state where widespread adoption is possible,” said Alex García-Tobar, co-founder and CEO of ValiMail. “ValiMail is proud to be joining this group of visionaries in the mission to bring about mainstream adoption of this important email authentication protocol.”