The interoperability testing event mentioned when ARC was announced in October (see this press release) has been scheduled for Friday, February 19th, 2016 in San Francisco. Parties implementing the ARC protocol in their product or service by that date should consider participating in the event. Those parties should join the arc-discuss mailing list if they aren’t already on it, and may express interest in the interoperability event there or via this contact form.

What qualifies as “implementing ARC” for this event?

  • Writing code (library, milter, MTA) that implements ARC functionality (signing, verifying, etc)
  • Building a free/commercial product that includes ARC functionality, whether you wrote the ARC code or not
  • Deploying ARC functionality in an intermediary (e.g. MLM) or receiver (e.g. mailbox provider) by the time of this event

If you have further questions, please bring them to the arc-discuss mailing list.